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Read and Discuss
Group of people at a reading discussion.
Conversation Circle at the Wisconsin Book Festival 2008, photo by Jessica Becker.
Reading and discussing literature can be a transformative experience. Reflecting on questions central to life in your community and world can be collectively empowering.
The Making it Home initiative has been inspired, in part, by the idea that getting together to discuss literature with fellow community members --- those you know or have not yet met --- can be a pleasant and useful way to strengthen your community. We all have our opinions and preferences, but when we sit down together to talk about something we've each read in common, we can learn a lot about each other and often discover new things about ourselves. After such a shared experience, the soil has been tilled for a healthy conversation that connects the reading with local concerns and allows people to talk more comfortably about values, think more deeply about choices, and respond more imaginatively to the needs of their communities.

Short Readings / Resources for Discussion

Maybe you already have a group of friends, neighbors, or community members ready to talk. Or you would like to get one started. The readings and discussion resources listed here explore the ways that we connect with the land and make our lives on earth. We hope you find them useful!

If you already have ideas about what you would like to read but just need some tips for getting a group discussion started, click here for some suggestions.

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