April 21, 2015

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High Quality Wooden Flooring Solutions from BSI

At   BSI we are committed to a lifetime of installation and restoration of wooden flooring .Our unique range of wooden flooring is carefully selected allowing us to ensure that our customers know that their floorings are not only the best but they surpass all the quality test in the market .We at BSI have natural and engineered wood flooring .Providing the best of installation and renovation service, we aim at providing a quality, friendly and reliable service to all our customers.

Wooden flooring has been a natural choice wherever durability, longevity is required. Wooden flooring is the new style element .The natural appearance of wood along with its warmth makes the flooring timeless and chic .We at BSI offer you a perfect complement to your modern home .Their   elegance and convenience is not only perfect for your residence but also for numerous well known public premises .

Our services include:

  • New Installation of flooring
  • Polishing of wooden flooring
  • Recoating of wooden flooring
  • Repairs of wooden flooring
  • Dust free sanding
  • Flexible working hours
  • Highest quality standards with 100% customer satisfaction

What would you like your floor to say about you? Find your personal favourite from our extensive collection. We offer quality you can rely on. We are devoted to provide solutions for lifelong   perfection. Our commitment and constant search for innovation offer high quality sustainable results for our floor owners. So whatever you are looking for a new or restored hardwood flooring london – you should contact us now!

Whether it’s a new floor or restoration of an existing floor, our service and expertise with the state of art equipment is the best in the business. Do not hesitate to contact us or call us for your free estimate, free consultation. We are available 24/7 matching the best customer service in this industry .Our customers are delivered installations keeping in mind our high standards .Whether you are a homeowner ,designer ,architect or a developer ,we have a wide range of products to match your demand with . We at BSI offer you at your convenience and requirement the best that too with absolutely no hassles of waiting period .Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority .With our expert innovative techniques and methods we ensure long lasting installations within less time .You can get guaranteed satisfaction as we help our customers to boost the aesthetic and functional value of their property. For more information call us and our team will be happy to answer your query.

The amount of lighting in your kitchen has will determine how your granite counters will look. For example, in a kitchen that has a darker space with little natural lighting, then lighter colored or speckled granite countertops would be an ideal choice. On the contrary, a darker color granite, such as Black Forest, deep obsidian or sable granite with white streaks would be suitable for a nicely lit kitchen. Opposites attract in this scenario. If you’re worried about stains Rustiques Architectural Antiques supplies reclaimed wood to businesses and homeowners interested in bringing fine antique wood into their home design.

February 21, 2015



Vacationing in a villa in Positano is one of the most memorable experiences anyone can have. Stacked, multicolored houses in a variety of sun-kissed shades of brick red, warm peach and even subtle pinks are what make Positano the prize of the Amalfi coast. Steeply and securely, they cling to the cliffs creating one of the most photogenic and easily recognized locations in Italy.
Today, Positano relies heavily on tourism and is well-known for its villa vacation rentals, some of which are just yards from the sea. In some cases, visitors will have their own private, independent house with patios. Patios have table and chairs and are perfect for enjoying breakfast in the morning sun or a romantic dinner. The kitchens come fully equipped and ready to use. Other villas are like apartments with a private terrace that provides an awe-inspiring look at the waters of the Amalfi coast.
Imagine sitting on lawn chairs, enjoying the clear skies, mountainous coast, and glistening blue waters.positano-8


Villas have modern accommodations such as wireless internet, heating, air conditioning, so you can live in comfort and style.
Visitors will more than likely reach their villas from the street and will have to travel up the steps to their final destination. This was a definitely a surprise with all of my luggage and stilettos!!! And did mention the cobblestone walkways?? The paths of Positano are narrow and the alley walls are sometimes lined with bright pink bougainvillea. If you’re staying in town, a car is not necessary and public transportation is readily available. If you’re into exploring the history of Italy, there are usually plenty of attractions to be enjoyed including Pompeian excavations, the Herculaneum, and other points of interest. You’ll never be bored in Positano and can choose to be as social or as private as you want.
To get your Positano getaway started check out
• Summer in Italy which boasts over 300 villas waiting to be rented
• HomeAway.com lets you choose your villa by the week or by the night.
• Positano Villas not only gives you your choice of villas or apartments but some news about upcoming events as well. The beauty of this gem in Italy is not only present in the breathtaking views but also in the easy, cozy atmosphere that exists in a city steeped in such a rich history.

If you are interested in having a vacation of a lifetime, Please contact me via keciaclarke.com and I can make all of your dreams come true by crafting a vacation to suit your dreams!

February 15, 2015

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What You Need to Know about Concrete Kitchen Countertops

The latest technological advancements have focused largely on producing sustainable surface products. For your next kitchen remodel, why not go with green concrete countertops? Concrete is a very durable material, and offers substantial savings on maintenance and cleaning costs. It’s no secret that homeowners and designers have fallen in love with the surface material. With concrete countertops, you don’t just get a gorgeous surface, but the added benefit of doing your part to take care of the environment for future generations.

Concrete is a recyclable material composed of a sand, rock, and cement mixture. The makeup of concrete renders it a more sustainable choice than other countertop materials, like granite or marble. Due to it’s composition of rock and cement, the countertop will be extremely heavy. It’s important to ensure that the base (whether it be cabinets or an island) is strong enough to physically support the weight of the concrete. However beautiful in it’s natural form, concrete can be stained or colored to fit your preferred design style. Stone pieces or recycled glass can even be added to the concrete mixture for a truly distinctive design aesthetic. Through appropriate sealing, concrete countertops can also be heat resistant, stain resistant, and nonporous.

According to HG Stones the standard cost of the material is between $65 and $135 per square foot. The true cost lies in labor, installation, and transportation. Concrete affords homeowners and designers plenty of room for customization, a main contributor to it’s ascension to trendiness. It’s fuss-free form makes it an ideal pick for customers desiring a seamless look minus the hassle of extensive upkeep.

January 15, 2015

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Beautiful Floor Medallion for a Beautiful home

You make the home of your dreams only once in your life. You surely want a home that looks beautiful not from outside but from inside as well. No matter you make your walls decorated and your ceilings filled with plasters and expensive materials but if you don’t have a well decorated floor then all the look of your home will go in vain.So whenever it comes to things that can make your home look more attractive and worth watching then you must pay attention to floor medallion to add more beauty.


The need for the floor medallion is felt when you have a floor which is hard and rough. Medallions not only cover those flaws but also add character and life to your floor. Along with the medallions, tiling of the floor is also very important. Tiling gives your floor very neat and clean so you don’t have to wash your floor daily. When you combine floor medallions with decorative tiles then you give an elite and amazing look to your floor. Once it was very difficult to crave medallions and mosaics with help of bare hands, but now technology is at your door step to give you the style you want to apply on your floor.

Thanks to the water jet medallion technology, it uses water cutting mechanism to crave medallions and mosaics of any kind you want. By implementation of water jet technology the art of craving mosaics and medallion are to take to a new level. Now you don’t have to rely on old cutting saws that give a horrible result at the end. Water jet medallion look bright and smooth then those craved by ancient machines and saw. Water jet technology applies an equal amount of pressure on your desired marble or stone. You don’t have to worry about your breakage or any other physical defect.

Water cutting mechanism used in craving floor medallion and mosaic is one of the most advanced and up to date technologies available in the market. On the tip of water jet machine is a thin nozzle which is nearly as thin as human hair that cuts the stone and leaves a very remarkable finish at the end. It makes use of thinnest nozzle which is nearly thin as human hair to give you a bright finished look. So if you are planning for floor which is decorated, durable, bright and everlasting then give a try to water jet medallion technology and you will be amaze to see the results yourself.

Visit Monarchy Medallions

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January 15, 2015

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5 Tips to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Whether it’s a college dorm or tiny apartment in New York City, Caayu provides the following tips to make your space feel bigger can be quite a challenge. Living in a home that feels cramped and cluttered isn’t fun, and we all deserve to live in a space that we can take pride in. Don’t accept defeat, incorporate these 5 tips to aesthetically increase your square footage.

Loads of Light

The most important factor that affects your space, is light. The eye is drawn to parts of a room that are well-lit, and as it seeks a place to rest it will avoid darkness and shadows. Open curtains, buy pendant lights, and do whatever you have to do to maximize the light in your space. This will help make a room feel airy, bright, and open. One widely accepted interior design rule is to have at least three working lights in every room. Referred to as the lighting triangle, experts assert that the variations will attract the eye and uplift any room.

Dark Contrast

While many people opt for clean white walls or another bright color, dark floors are an excellent way to create contrast. To make the walls seem taller, choose a rich dark color that will add warmth and comfort to your interior space.

Mirror, Mirror

You can never go wrong with mirrors. In addition to their obvious function, mirrors also accelerate light. Add a cool mirror to any dark space in your home. Before you know it, it will feel like the walls in your home peeled away and you are living in a space that’s twice its actual size.

No More Doors

A common complaint of homeowners looking to maximize, are doors. They take up a lot of space, and can become a nuisance. Interior designers agree that the solution is to remove them whenever possible. This is especially helpful in tiny apartments where each and every square foot matters.

Curtain Call

Replacing closet doors with curtains, and installing an interior light fixture will make a huge difference for your space. Overflowing with light, house guests might confuse it for a window. This tip will allow easy access to the closet’s contents while offering a splash of design style.